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A New Form of Decking

The drive to reduce maintenance on today's yachts has created savings of both time and money, usually at the expense of losing the rich traditional appearance of hardwoods.

We offer you the traditional look of a teak deck at far less initial cost and with minimal required maintenance. In addition, Marinedeck 2000 is lightweight, non-staining, cool and easy on bare feet but tough enough to stand up to abuse from high heels, tools, and harsh chemicals like acetone and MEK. It is acoustically insulating, does not expand or contract significantly in temperature swings and will not absorb water, oils, fuel or other liquids. The Marinedeck system requires no mechanical fasteners so there is nothing to corrode, leak or swell.  A truly versatile interior and exterior decking product, Marinedeck 2000 has been praised in a vast range of applications ranging from small inflatable tender swim platforms to elegant motor yacht decks and cabin soles to huge cruise ship decks.

Unequaled Material Performance

The result of years of continued research and practical testing of composite decking materials, Marinedeck 2000 is formed from specially selected cork granules compressed and bound in a unique two component polyether polyurethane binder.  All of the materials from the composite planks, primers, and adhesives,  to the deck caulk and seal coat, all incorporate the same component elements to ensure complete compatibility and unequaled longevity.


Marinedeck 2000 retains its luxurious traditional appearance indefinitely. Simply wash it down with soap and water. No other maintenance is required. No sanding, oiling, harsh chemicals or cleaners are needed.

Five Year Warranty

Marinedeck 2000 has been proven in conditions of extreme wear and abuse aboard cruise ships sailing the tropics 365 days a year. That experience combined with many recreational installations in Europe over the past twelve years gives us the confidence to offer you a five year manufacturer's warranty when installed by a certified Marinedeck installation technician.

Some of the many advantages of Marinedeck 2000

  • Lightweight, durable and strong.UV protected.Acoustical insulating.
  • Thermal insulating, it will not absorb as much heat as conventional decking, making it much more   comfortable to walk and to lay on.
  • Effective non-skid surface.Wear and shock resistant.
  • Very flexible for easy installation.
  • Completely corrosion free.Fire and impact resistant.
  • Virtually maintenance free.Environmentally sound.

Marinedeck 2000 on MarQuipt's Products

We began offering Marinedeck 2000 on our Sea Stairs and Sea Ladders in 1995. The response from our customers has been nothing but positive.

We now offer Marinedeck 2000 on all of our products that formerly were available only in non-skid, white vinyl or teak. This includes Sea Stairs and Sea Ladders of course, as well as all of our Gangplanks, our Dock Steps, Cockpit Steps and Shipside Stairs.

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More information on Marinedeck 2000 available at the manufacturer's Web Site.

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